Director's Message

Dear Students,

        Welcome to Rao Neki Ram Memorial College of Pharmacy. Accept my heartiest congratulations for selecting Pharmacy profession as your career.

This institute was started in the year 2014 with the sole objective that, to provide our youth with knowledge and technical skills of Pharmaceutical education so that they become valuable assets for their community. Pharmacy profession is an integral part of health care system. It is expanding up the horizon and setting a new trend with respect to the educational system and career opportunities. Our goal is to provide a quality education and training so as to inculcate competitive spirit among students, enhance their technical skills and sharpen their abilities for all round development of personality of the professionals. The students acquire practical skills such as teamwork, leadership and cultural awareness that enhance their employment potential.

I believe, all the students and staff members of these institutions will cooperate together and support each other to contribute their services to the public as well as to the development of institution.

May God bless and guide us in realizing our responsibilities to fulfill our goals.